How to satisfy a woman: 5 tips for men

The fact that women have orgasms less often than men has given rise to various discussions. Moreover, the initiators of such discussions were not women – many caring and loving men also stand up for the fact that women in the bedroom were on a par with men, receive no less pleasure, and that sex should not be chaotic, but become an everyday joy. The ego of many men is positively influenced by the knowledge that his partner is spending the best hours in the bedroom with him. Witnessing the orgasm of a loved one is an extremely intimate, erotic and partner-uniting experience. Unfortunately, a recent study on sexual well-being from the Durex brand found that while 81% of women do not have an orgasm with every intercourse, the majority (95%) are satisfied with the frequency of having an orgasm.

A woman’s attachment to a man is stronger than a man’s to a woman. Therefore, women tend to be more eager to start a family. This is due to an increased level of oxytocin, as well as the fact that women have better developed those parts of the brain (ventral shell, pallid nucleus and the frontal part of the brain) where long-term attachment is concentrated.

How to satisfy a woman: 5 tips for men

Satisfy her spiritually

According to sexologist Mare Prux, it is more difficult for women to reach orgasm. Because women and men are biologically different, many women do not achieve peak pleasure for psychological reasons. 

  • “So it’s important for a man to focus primarily on her feelings, moods and thoughts,” said Prooks, adding that women need more time to tune in to sex.

Praise her naked body!

Creating a woman’s mood is one of the most important factors in helping her achieve orgasm. Many women say that spiritual closeness with a partner helps them to get the pinnacle of bliss, as well as an environment that should give a feeling of security and be so comfortable that a woman can relax and not think about anything. Make your bedroom a clean and peaceful place. Tell your beloved how beautiful and sexy she is, how good she smells – let her know how much you adore her.


  • Don’t underestimate the importance of kissing! 
  • Take some kissing time before proceeding. 
  • Kissing has been shown to help relieve anxiety, stress, and increase serotonin, the hormone of happiness. 
  • And happiness can help, oddly enough, to become a happy girlfriend or wife, so don’t lose your chance to be loved by a man.

Stimulating condoms help you achieve orgasm

A little help from the outside is never superfluous. Today there are many different solutions and products specially designed to enhance a woman’s pleasure. For example, Durex Intense condoms are coated with a stimulating gel that makes you feel cool, warm and ticklish at the same time during intercourse.

The gel improves blood circulation in the woman’s intimate area and increases the feeling of pleasure. Also, additional stimulation is given by the different texture of the condom – ribbed and polka dots. Of course, using them requires additional steps, but with this innovative product you can be sure that both of you will reach the orgasm that is so important to both of you. It is also worth considering the use of various intimate toys that will help to get an orgasm and satisfy a woman.

Sometimes it may seem to men that toys are their competition. However, they are allies rather than adversaries – they are the means that will help you be a better partner. Using toys – a woman reduces the number of thoughts in her head that can induce her to commit adultery, which is very important for family life.

Ask how she likes

Each woman is unique, each aroused differently. The only way to find out what your partner likes is to ask him about it. As it turned out from the Durex study from Japanese hot porn videos, which are pretty popular around the world, more than half of women (56%) admit that they are uncomfortable talking about sex, even fewer women are ready to tell their partner what turns them on. If a man still can ask, and then not indirectly – Do you like it? – then the woman is not comfortable answering – No, not really. Try asking differently – Stronger? Tenderer? Faster? Slower? If you give your partner a choice, then he will have more courage and opportunity to express his real desires and say what he likes. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to examine his body and find out what kind of touch and posture excites him.

Transforming obsession into passion can change your entire life. It can even help you get that person back (if you suddenly really want to). Just be passionate about yourself and your life.