Rachel McAdams’ Booty And Nip Pokies For ‘True Detective’

Season 2 of the critical acclaimed HBO drama “True Detective” premiered last night, and as you can see in the video above this season is off to a depraved start as Rachel McAdams brazenly flaunts her shapely booty and hard nip pokies.

No doubt we will be seeing much more of Rachel’s shameful feminine body, as this season progresses. For not only is “True Detective” being shown on an infamous smut peddling channel like HBO, but Rachel McAdams has always been more than eager to expose herself on camera in the name of “acting”.

We can only hope that season 3 of “True Detective” will be halal and feature two Sharia law morality detectives. Of course it would not take them long to apprehend their criminal, as Rachel McAdams is clearly guilty of crimes against decency. To make it a season long show the remaining episodes could be dedicated to Rachel’s trial and imprisonment, in which the villagers poke her through her cage with sharp sticks, before a climatic season finale depicting her lapadation.

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