Movie Review: I Was Worth 50 Sheep

Movie Review: I Was Worth 50 Sheep

Summer is fast approaching and that means one thing here in Hollywood, big blockbuster movies. However, one movie this summer will surely stand out above the rest, and it is called “I Was Worth 50 Sheep”.

“I Was worth 50 Sheep” is the story of a brave man named Golmohammad, and his struggles to find a good wife. After he had to kill his first 2 wives for disobediance, 50-year-old Golmohammad purchases 10-year-old Sabere for 50 sheep and some waste land.

Of course Golmohammad overpaid for Sabere, but as every guy knows, when you see a 10-year-old girl you like you tend to do silly things. Golmohammad did his manly duty and courageously impregnated Sabere 4 times, but Sabere was defective and miscarried each time. So Golmohammad did what a man should do, he beat Sabere for having an unaccommodating womb.

The movie starts off with Sabere having just abandoned Golmohammad by running away, and hiding out with her family. Of course she is still the property of Golmohammad, and he is rightfully trying to kill her so that she will learn to not disobey him.

Will Golmohammad find and kill Sabere? Will Golmohammad ever find a proper wife? You will have to see for yourself when “I Was Worth 50 Sheep” hits theaters. This is a definitely the can’t miss film of the summer. Check out the trailer below. I give it 4.5 IEDs out of 5. Allahu Akbar!

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