Emma Stone Nude Scene From “The Favourite” Brightened In HD

Emma Stone’s nude scene from “The Favourite” is finally out in high definition 1080P, and the brilliant scientists at Celeb Jihad Labs in Riyadh have already brightened and color-corrected it in the video above.

As dedicated celeb jihadists it is our duty to fix these heathen Hollywood nude scenes, so that brazenly degenerate harlots like Emma Stone are fully exposed in all of their depraved glory. No doubt this important work will pay big dividends once Islam finishes conquering the West and Emma is put on trial in Sharia court for these crimes against morality.

Yes, Allah willing one day soon Emma’s last name will be changed to “Stoned”, as us pious Muslims pelt her with the righteous stones of justice for the vile act of topless titty sluttery in this video… At the very least a vigorous flogging will be in order for the awful handjob scene alone.

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