Kylie Jenner Shows Her Nips In A Wet T-shirt Video

Kylie Jenner shows her nipples numerous times in the wet t-shirt video above for W magazine.

Normally infidel teen girls like Kylie Jenner get to expose their tits in wet t-shirt contests in sleazy college bars… However since Kylie is barely literate she must do all of her kuffar coming-of-age whoring in videos such as this one.

Of course Kylie Jenner doesn’t get the full college whore experience, for after showing her nearly nude body off in this wet t-shirt she doesn’t then get sloppy drunk on free shots and pounded out by a couple of frat guys… No the closest Kylie will get to that level of violation is when she gets molested by the ashy touch of her middle age loser nig nog boyfriend Tyga. Thus this Kylie Jenner wet t-shirt video will certainly serve as a powerful reminder to young infidel girls of the importance of staying in school.

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