Katy Perry Clapping Her Boobs Together

Washed-up pop star Katy Perry desperately tries to cling to relevance by clapping her boobs together in the video clip above.

Unfortunately for Katy this tit clap is too little too late, for she has been cock teasing the pathetically thirsty infidel masses like this for a decade now while spewing forth her awful music and moronic political opinions and they finally have had enough of her crap.

Perhaps if it was the younger and much more attractive Katy Perry from the compilation video above pressing her breasts together it would be meaningful… But this old, ugly, short-haired, bitter lesbodyke version of Katy could whip her titties out and parade them down Hollywood Blvd, and at this point the heathen populace would hardly bat an eye let alone stroke their tiny disfigured meat twigs to her again.

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