Emilia Clarke “Game of Thrones” Nude Scenes Color Corrected In HD

The video clips above and below feature Emilia Clarke’s “Game of Thrones” nude scenes expertly color corrected and in high definition.

Finally Emilia’s sloppy titties and dumpy ass can be properly denounced in their true color, and not obscured by the ridiculous lighting choices of homoqueer directors.

Of course it is easy to see why they tried to conceal Emilia’s true nude form, for her body is remarkably frumpy. In fact, after seeing these color corrected scenes it is certainly even more difficult to believe that a powerful Muslim warlord like Khal Drogo would grace Emilia’s sin holes with his potent Islamic seed let alone take her as a wife… Especially since we were already asked to stretch the limits of suspended reality with Emilia not even being close to the proper breeding age.

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