Victoria Justice Sets A Bad Example In A Bikini

Victoria Justice Sets A Bad Example In A Bikini

Nickelodeon star and teen slut Victoria Justice has finally gone too far by getting her picture taken while flying through the air in a tiny blue bikini.

Dressed like that we can only assume that Victoria Justice is jumping into a big pile of cock! Why Victoria thinks it is OK for her to wear a bikini like this when she is a role model to millions of mentally challenged teen girls is beyond me.

Already I have seen the devastating effects of this Victoria Justice bikini picture when I went to my local public pool. Teen girls of all shapes and sizes are wearing revealing swimsuits obviously in an effort to be just like Victoria Justice.

Of course I yelled at them in Arabic that they are whores and Victoria Justice is a false idol. They ran away screaming which tells me they know they were doing something wrong. Victoria Justice should be ashamed of her self for corrupting the minds and morals of her fans with this bikini picture.

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