Taylor Swift’s Girlfriend Karlie Kloss Nude Video

Taylor Swift’s lesbian model girlfriend Karlie Kloss poses both topless and bottomless in this behind the scenes video from a Vogue magazine photo shoot.

It is easy to see from this nude video why Taylor finds Karlie Kloss so attractive, for with a rock hard body like that Karlie must be able to really work her strap-on hard and deep into Taylor’s eager little lady holes.

Yes, the sex between Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift must be quite passionate and intense, even though when these gangly lesbodykes start going at it, it must look like a giraffe wrestling an ostrich. Clearly in that scenario Karlie is the dominate giraffe and Taylor is the more submissive feminine ostrich spending countless hours laying between Karlie’s long legs pleasing her woman by pecking at her chiseled rock hard clit.

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