Taylor Swift Offends In A Slutty Outfit

Taylor Swift Offends In A Slutty Outfit

Believe it or not the woman in the photo above is not a degenerate disease-ridden street-walking whore looking to suck off John’s for $20 a pop, but rather infidel country music star Taylor Swift.

Once again Taylor Swift has set a terrible example for her fans by whoring out her body in the ridiculously slutty outfit above. It says a lot about the depravity of a country that a woman dressed like Taylor Swift is in the photo above is not immediately and brutally stoned in the streets.

It is hard to even say what part of Taylor’s outfit is the most offensive as it is all so awfully slutty. It could be the blue bag obviously stuffed with sex toys, or her disgusting milky white legs perched on top of red shoes, but probably the worst part of this outfit is the mustard yellow skirt that clearly signals that Taylor Swift is in to “watersports” in the bedroom.

Needless to say Taylor Swift is one infidel whore who never fails to offend my pious Islamic senses, and turn the goat’s meat in my stomach with her brazen acts of kuffar sluttery.

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