Taylor Swift Is A Lesbian

Taylor Swift Is A Lesbian

Celeb Jihad has learned that country singer and teen idol Taylor Swift is a lesbian. Love of the muff seems to be a growing trend in young Hollywood with Taylor Swift joining the likes of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez as girl who are down to go downtown.

According to sources at her hometown high school of “Hendersonville High” Taylor was known as a “pillow queen”, which is a girl that will let other girls go down on her but who would not lick the slit themselves. In the lesbian community these girls are also known as “stuck up bitches”.

Also Taylor Swift has been romantically linked to her fiddle player Emily Poe. Apparently when her manager found out about Taylor and Emily’s love affair, Emily was asked to leave the tour to protect Taylor’s image. In response Taylor posted the following video of Emily on her Myspace.

Here is a freeze frame of the note shown in the video.

Taylor Swift Is A Lesbian

As you can it says “I feel as if our relationship has been taken to the next level over the past **** months and with ******** “ I can only imagine what the blurry parts of the note say, but I bet it is some hot lesbian dirty talk.

Taylor Swift is clearly a gay woman, and I have little doubt that the Romeo she refers to in the song “Love Story” is none other than butch comedian Rosie O’Donnell.

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