Nina Agdal Pressing Her Boobs Together

Nina Agdal Pressing Her Boobs Together

Super swimsuit model Nina Agdal plays with her boobs by pressing them together while in a bikini in the GIF above.

Nina Agdal is one devious slut! How dare she try and trick us virile Muslims into breeding with her by pretending she has perky perfectly shaped cleavage like this.

Unfortunately for Nina Agdal the shape and size of a woman’s breasts hold little interest to us Muslim men, as we evaluate our potential mates on more practical criteria like perceived fertility, plow potential, obedience, and cooking skills. Of course we do allow for one erotic desire to enter the equation in the form of wanting a woman with a luscious musty pubic bush.

Sorry to say for Nina’s sake but she appears to be severely lacking in all of these areas, and no amount of tit play is going to change that.

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