NAACP Announces Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman Movie

NAACP Announces Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman Movie

The NAACP has announced that they have begun production on a Trayvon Martin movie starring Chaz Bono as George Zimmerman and Jaden Smith as Trayvon Martin.

The story will center around 7-year-old Travyon Martin walking to an orphanage to drop off skittles and iced tea for the children after choir practice. When Trayvon stops to help a golden retriever deliver her breech birthed puppies, he is spotted by George Zimmerman who is on his way home from a Hispanic white supremacists gathering in his Confederate flag painted pickup truck.

Enraged by the sight of a handsome and intelligent black boy so near his trailer home/meth lab, Zimmerman stalks Trayvon while shouting racial slurs. Trayvon tries to get away but Zimmerman is able to catch up to him, and unload his AK-47 when Trayvon pauses to help an elderly veteran cross the street.

The movie concludes with George Zimmerman being named sheriff after he is found not guilty by a jury of skinheads and white Wall Street bankers.

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