Megan Fox’s Hottest Moments Video

The video above features a compilation of all of Megan Fox’s hottest moments from her illustrious career in heathen Hollywood. Not surprisingly Megan is not speaking in pretty much all of them, so it is safe to unmute the sound.

As you can see in this video, Megan Fox is one the finest actresses of her generation, as her portrayal of a talentless whore who only made it big by sucking off producer Michael Bay while sticking one her freakish toe thumbs up his ass is unrivaled.

Truly Megan Fox is an inspiration to all aspiring actresses as she has shown that with some perseverance, a complete lack of morals, and a few thousand dollars in plastic surgery anyone can become a star adored by millions of brainless infidels no matter how vapid and devoid of talent they may be.

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