Kristen Stewart Thong Scene From ‘Clouds Of Sils Maria’

Kristen Stewart shows her pasty square ass in a thong in this scene from her new French film “Clouds Of Sils Maria”.

Like nearly all French films this new Kristen Stewart movie appears to be nothing more than over-stylized lesbian erotica, and as such this thong scene will probably not be the last of Kristen’s disturbing bare flesh we see in this film.

Yes we can almost certainly expect “Clouds Of Sils Maria” to feature a scene in which Kristen Stewart and her creepy lebodyke stalker share a nude embrace and stare longingly into each others eyes as the dramatic orchestra music reaches a crescendo in a failed attempt by the film’s director to convey a depth of emotion that the French completely lack and so obsess over projecting.

Needless to say us Muslims yearn for the day in the not to distant future in which we finally overrun France, and we pay back these degenerate frogs with blood for having inflicted us with the sight of Kristen Stewart in a thong in this pretentious movie.

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