‘iCarly’ X-Rated Intro Theme Song Video

‘iCarly’ X-Rated Intro Theme Song Video

“iCarly” was a popular teen sitcom on Nickelodeon that starred Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy. Like all American sitcoms geared to the youth market it contained an exorbitant amount of sexual innuendos and undertones.

Of course the original storyline for “iCarly” was even more depraved as it centered around Miranda and Jennette playing friends who liked to pickup men online for anonymous sexual rendezvous. They even shot the X-rated intro theme song video below to promote the show.

Unfortunately at the last minute Nickelodeon’s lawyers stepped in and put a kibosh on “iCarly” being a show about girls having sex with guys they met online. Not out of any moral objection of course, just over the legal concern that fans of the show imitating the characters may fall victim to serial killers.

Leave it to a few bad apples to ruin the fun for the rest of us.

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