Epic Liberal Circle Jerk Breaks Out At The Oscars

Epic Liberal Circle Jerk Breaks Out At The Oscars

An epic circle jerk broke out at the 2014 Oscars, as Hollywood’s elite gathered to self-congratulate and smugly shove their liberal agenda down the public’s throat.

This year there were no films glorifying the Jews struggles during the Holocaust in contention, so the field was wide open for feminists (Gravity), homosexuals (Dallas Buyers Club), and blacks (12 Years A Slave) to battle it out for top honors.

In the end it was the blacks who were the big winners, as the film “12 Years A Slave” took home “Best Picture”. However, the feminists and homosexuals did not leave empty handed, as they split every other major award between them including “Best Actor” (Matthew McConaughey) and “Best Director” (Alfonso Cuarón).

Of course in the end the only real loser is the general population who have to endure these Zionist controlled delusional bleeding hearts, as they strive to bring about the liberal ideal of turning everyone into atheist mulatto gay hermaphrodites.

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