Emmy Rossum “Shameless” Sex Music Video

Emmy Rossum, star of the hit (and aptly titled) Showtime series “Shameless”, tries to break into the music business by squawking along to some horrible pop song over her nude and sex scenes from the show in the music video above.

One wouldn’t think it would even be possible, but it appears as though Emmy Rossum is even a less talented singer then she is an actress. Of course all that really matters in the hopelessly depraved infidel West is that Emmy is willing to prostitute her nude female body like a tremendous whore, so she will no doubt find some measure of success no matter how awfully atonal her singing may be.

The fact that Emmy Rossum would even attempt to have a career in music with such a horrible voice just goes to show how completely delusional and not self-aware celebrities are. Of course this is entirely the fault of the degenerate kuffar masses who fail to put these women in their place. You better believe that if Emmy stripped naked and opened her mouth to start singing in the Islamic world, a stone will knock out all of her teeth before she even gets a chance to butcher the first note.

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