Chaz Bono Is A Sex Symbol In The Muslim World

Chaz Bono Is A Sex Symbol In The Muslim World

As a red-blooded Muslim man I can not help but think that Chaz Bono is one of the sexiest women alive, and I’m not alone. Chaz has taken the Muslim world by storm, capturing the hearts (and lustful desires) of Muslim men from Damascus to Tikrit with her erotic facial hair and robust frame.

What man could deny himself a quiet moment daydreaming about Chaz Bono using her ample hindquarters to drive the plow through a tough patch of field, or birthing him a baby boy with a thick full beard invoking the envy of every male in the clan. The thrills that Chaz Bono’s remarkable body offers appear to be limitless.

Of course the insensitive bigots in America do not appreciate Chaz Bono’s beauty. In fact they mock her by referring to her with the masculine pronouns “him, his, he”. Clearly years of drug abuse have warped the American aesthetic to such a degree that a once in a lifetime beauty like Chaz Bono goes unappreciated, while hopelessly hairless weaklings like Mila Kunis and Katy Perry are lusted after by the horny masses.

Hollywood can keep their skinny cleanly shaved sluts, us Muslims will take Chaz Bono so that she may birth us virile hairy Jihadists.

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