Celebrity Death Pool 2011

Celebrity Death Pool 2011

2010 was a fantastic year for celebrity deaths with every one from Gary Coleman to the insufferable Jewish actors Corey Haim, and Tony Curtis all meeting their end and rotting in hell.

However, a new year has started and that means that Allah willing more celebrities are about to die horrible deaths. We here at CelebJihad enjoy speculating which Zionist puppet is going to kick the bucket first, and lets just say a couple of goats and figs may change hands to the winner *wink.

The only rule is you can not off the celebrity yourself. Unless of course you make it look like an accident in which case if the authorities can not prove it then who are we to argue.

Anyway here is my list of the most likely celebrity deaths of 2011.

Celebrity Death Pool 2011 Peter Postlethwaite – Apparently he is already dead, but is he really a celebrity? Debatable!
Celebrity Death Pool 2011 Zsa Zsa Gabor – She just had half her leg amputated. It is possible she goes soon or Allah may want her to suffer and take her apart piece by piece.
Celebrity Death Pool 2011 Teen Mom Amber – This is one crazy bitch who enjoys the company of ex-cons. If she doesn’t end up stuffed in a garbage bag and buried in the woods I’ll be shocked.
Celebrity Death Pool 2011 Chuck Berry – He made a name for himself by being the first negro to play the white man’s music, and just recently he collapsed onstage. He’ll be dead soon
Celebrity Death Pool 2011 Lindsay Lohan – This heathen druggie slut claims to be turning her life around in rehab. I don’t buy it, and if the drugs don’t take her, a militant strain of gonorrhea should.
Celebrity Death Pool 2011 Keith Richards – He has been defying death for years, but I have a good feeling that 2011 will be his last.
Celebrity Death Pool 2011 Snooki – The real question is how has she lived this long. One of those Jersey meat heads is going to straggle her eventually. I say it will happen sooner rather than later.
Celebrity Death Pool 2011 Justin Bieber – OK this one is just wishful thinking, but he does travel in airplanes a lot so you never know *crossing fingers.
Celebrity Death Pool 2011 Michael Douglas – He is so dead. Just look at him. It is what he deserves for marrying Catherine Zeta Jones and defiling her body with his tainted offspring.

We can only hope that every celebrity on this list and a lot more die in the coming year. If you have your own predictions about what celebrities will not make it to see 2012 share them in the comment section below. Allahu Akbar!

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