Ariana Grande Posts A Video In A Lingerie Nightie

Pop star Ariana Grande films herself laying in bed in a silk lingerie nightie in the video above.

The most surprising thing about this video is that Ariana Grande is in bed with a white guy. Of course this white guy is almost certainly a flaming homoqueer, and he and Ariana probably just giggled and gossiped the whole night while reminiscing about all the black cocks they have sucked.

If Ariana Grande wants to look truly sexy in her bedtime attire then she should wear a sleep burka… Which is just like a regular burka only with a trap door cut in the back for late night bathroom runs to the outhouse and surprise butt sex session from a woman’s husband and/or father. Although if Ariana wore the martyr vest to sleep that would be pretty hot as well… Especially if the bed she was laying on was then launched into an Israeli checkpoint.

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